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All-State Results 2014-2015

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions (2013/12/09)

(2015/01/27) Kristen Thomas has provided the first round of Form/Payment verification. Log into your account and go to All-State (BOC) Auditions, and in the Acceptance Column for your accepted students you should see "Form" and "Paid" with a "Y" or "N". If you see all green "Y"s where you expect to, you're all set. If you see any red "N"s you did not expect, contact Kristen Thomas at

(2015/01/08) Please direct ALL questions regarding All-State Festival Forms and Payments to Kristen Thomas at <>
Please send all Forms and Payments to:
Kristen Thomas
Mt. Ararat High School
73 Eagles Way
Topsham ME 04086
The FEE is set at $210, the ACCEPTANCE DEADLINE for forms and fees is FRIDAY FEBRUARY 13.

(2015/01/05) Complete Auditions Statistics (full scores, percentiles, cutoffs, counts, attrition rates) may be accessed here .
For Vocals, Mark & Suzanne were S/T-A, John & Nancy were S/T-B, Sue & Mark were A/B-A, Jerry & Sylvia were A/B-B

(2014/12/16) The Band Manager has provided seating - the listings in your account should now reflect this. Complete Auditions Statistics have been generated and will be made public shortly after the holidays, please see FAQ #10.

(2014/12/14 11:20PM) Acceptance received from all managers. Acceptance will be posted in your account Monday, 12/15. Login to your account, click the "All-State (BOC) . . ." button, and Acceptance will be listed to the left of your students. The Acceptance will be "SATB" or "SSAA" for chorus and a code for Band/Orchestra indicating which ensemble and the student's placement, e.g. for a Trumpet player "B2-1" would indicate "Band, 2nd Trumpet, 1st Seat" and "O1-2" would indicate "Orchestra, 1st Trumpet, 2nd Seat". The Acceptance will read "No" if the student was not accepted or if they did not audition. If the student was accepted, their Acceptance listing should be a clickable button. Click this to enter the information necessary for Acceptance and to print Acceptance Forms. Under the student's Acceptance button will be an Acceptance Code made of 7 CAPITOL LETTERS. You may give this code to the student and they will be able to log into using the Acceptance Code Login Button on the front page. This will give them access ONLY to update their personal acceptance information and print their forms. Log out of your auditions account and login with one of your student's Acceptance Codes to give it a test drive if you like. Accepted students will also show "Form:N" and "Paid:N" until their Festival Acceptance Forms and Fees have been received. At this time it is unknown who the Acceptance Forms and Fees will go to or when they will be due. Please check the MMEA website regularly for updated information ( Please read all instructions carefully, and visit the FAQ before emailing questions, especially #8.

(2014/12/13) Selections received from the Choral Manager for SATB. Selections to be released December 15th in accordance with Appendix B guidelines.

(2014/12/05) Selections received from the Orchestra manager for Strings. Awaiting selections for vocalists.

(2014/12/04) Selections received from the Band and Orchestra managers for Winds & Percussion. Awaiting selections for strings and vocalists.

(2014/11/24) All scores posted to group managers for selections.

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